AFTER EIGHT / VOICE & BASS - Here's the new cover by After Eight - Voice & Bass. Our favorite Song by Jamiroquai. Great location in Genoa at Bronzo and great direction of this video by the talented Videomaker Stefania Carbonara.

AFTER EIGHT / VOICE & BASS - The amazing and talented Stefania Carbonara, has created for us a fantastic video of the new cover of After Eight - Voice & Bass by Alice Merton's No Roots. A song to dance and sing. A song that immediately struck us for its dynamism and rhythmic strength.

AFTER EIGHT / VOICE & BASS -  I always loved this song and thanks to my Bro, we could mix the traditional version of "My Funny Valentine" with the groove of Toto's "Georgie Porgie". Recording the video at the Blackmore Studios in Genoa filmed by my amazing and talented sister Stefania Carbonara. For other videos and sounds visit our Facebook page and subscribe on Youtube.

AFTER EIGHT / VOICE & BASS -  Lost in the nature of Genoa to filming the new video with my Bro and my sister who create this wonderful videoclip of the Cover Song: "Human" by Rag 'n' Bone Man. I would like to thank Vittoria Maiolo for the support and the Backstage photos and Stefania Carbonara for filming. here you can find all the results of a great day of shooting. Visit our Facebook page and subscribe on Youtube.

L'ALTRO STORE - AFTER EIGHT / VOICE & BASS - Great Event full of people, good music and energie. Thanks to Ale and Matteo for let us play for their Opening of a new Store, was an amazing evening. A special thanks to my friend and colleague Rocco Costarelli. You are the best! Get that Bass and shake the groove off. Here some videos and pics by Stefania Carbonara.

MISTER FUNK / LIVE AT BORGO RENA' BEACH - The pleasure to sing live near the beach and see people dancing and singing with your music; that what happen at Borgo Renà Beach. An amazing evening with a great crew who help us with the performance. A big thanks to all the people on the dancefloor and my fantastic musician.

AFTER EIGHT / VOICE & BASS - It is a project that sees the fusion of the sounds of the 6-string electric bass played by Rocco Costarelli, with deep and warm voice of Simone Carbonara. A repertoire of Italian and international melodies performed acoustic and reproduced in a new and original versions with loop station. Here some great videos made by the videomaker Stefania Carbonara using our city as location to shooting. "Love Yourself" by Justin Bieber.

VIDA LOCA / COVER - One of the most popular songs of Ricky Martin, totally changed in a new key and electronic style. Once again my sister was the creator of this wonderful and creative clip. Made in one summer night at my country house, inspired by the moon and the sounds of animals all around us, creating memories and have a lot of fun together. Thank Stefania Carbonara for your amazing talent and for making me always great in video.